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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


I've been playing Mapex drums and hardware for 18 years!  From my first M-series kit to my current Saturn Pro kit that has served me well in the studio and on tour—for 15 years—Mapex has never let me down.  Through hundreds of gigs and multiple tours, sessions, and festivals,  I've had the opportunity to play many different brands and models.  Nothing compares to my Saturns.  Period.  Studio engineers are quick to comment on how amazing my drums sound and how easy they are to work with in the control room.   When on a shared bill, other drummers are blown away.  These drums sing!    

In addition to outstanding sound, I've always appreciated the durability an innovative design of Mapex products. From the Janus pedal (I'm a former owner!) to cymbal accentuators and spring loaded floor toms, Mapex delivers  on the bells and whistles, which makes their drums so much more enjoyable to play! I recently retired my Mapex P980 single kick pedal after 15 years of faithful service. It still works perfectly, but I was eager to add a Falcon single pedal to my setup!  All original hardware that came with my Saturns is still is perfect working order.  This gear lasts!  I won't buy anything else.       

My musical and professional careers have recently become closely intertwined and I'm excited for the opportunities that will follow!  With an upcoming full-length album release, cross-Canada tour, and Eastern United States and European tours, my Saturns will be there every step of the way!

Please continue reading to learn more about the Mapex gear I use and the impact it's had on my playing and musical journey.  


My Current Gear

My main kit is a Saturn Pro  (circa 2004) 20,10,12,16 in wax natural finish. I'm interested in purchasing a second Mapex kit in the near future, but one thing is for sure:  I'll always have these Saturns! Click on the photos to see a bigger version.  These pictures were taken at SoundPark Studios in Sydney, NS in 2004.   


recent Additions

Now  this  is an impressive piece of gear!

Now this is an impressive piece of gear!

Stocking up for the next tour!

Stocking up for the next tour!


The Barrowdowns

This is my current main project that I've been involved with for four years.  I play drums/percussion and contribute to the five-part vocal harmonies—the band's signature quality.  I'm also the manager, booking agent, and publicist.  I plan on making music and singing with these wonderful humans for years to come!  


playing Credits 

The Barrowdowns (2014 - present) Contemporary/alternative folk  EPK

  • Nominated for East Coast Music Award: Rising Star Recording of the Year (2018)
  • Nominated for Music Nova Scotia Folk Recording of the Year (2017)
  • Released debut full length album, Come What May Come, in May 2017
  • Won Best Folk Band / Artist (Gold 2016, Bronze 2017) in the Coast's Best of Halifax awards
  • Performed as part of Inventions 2017 with the HMC Orchestra (October 2017)
  • Significant regional tours, conferences, and festival appearances, and national radio play
  • Planned spring 2019 sophomore full-length album release and national tour

Electroweak (2018) Improvisational Rocktronica Jam Band

  • Local and regional performances

Steele Fox (2018) Alt-Country side project with Matt Steele and Devin Fox (Matt Steele and the Corvette Sunset)

  • Full-length album to-be-released in fall 2018
  • + supporting local and regional performances

AJH Gillis (2018) Folk singer-songwriter

  • Upcoming full-length album recording project 
  • Local performances

Liars on Fire (2014) Psychedelic folk rock

  • Local and regional performances

Jont (2014) Folk singer-songwriter

  • Local and regional performances

This Ship (2013) Indie glam rock

  • Two releases
  • Two Canadian tours
  • Significant independent/campus radio play 

The Mitchell Spencer Band  (2001) Pop rock

  • One release
  • Significant regional radio play
  • Significant local and regional performances

Fallen (1998) Acoustic rock

  • My first band.  You gotta start somewhere!

My First Mapex KIT

I wanted an alternative to the brands other kids were playing. In 2000, a new music store opened in my hometown and started selling Mapex.  I promptly traded in my Pearl Exports for a set of M-Series in cherry red:  one of the best decisions I've ever made!  The 20" kick on this kit sounded like thunder!!  For a period of time, I used this kit for gigs, while the Saturns remained in the studio at home.  Sadly, we had to part ways a few years ago.  I still can't believe the sound these drums delivered for an entry level kit!  


My first Mapex: M Series 

My Day Job

I'm very fortunate to have a job in the music industry that relates to my educational background (masters degree in public relations and communications). I work for 3-time ECMA Company of the Year, Spincount, which handles publicity and radio tracking for many Canadian artists including Joel Plaskett, Kaia Kater, Buffy Sainte-Marie, David Myles, Mo Kenny, Red Moon Road, Erin Costelo, Matt Anderson, The Stanfields, Willie Stratton, The Town Heroes + many more!  This line of work takes me to many music conferences in Canada and The United States and allows me to collaborate with artists, musicians, and their teams.  I eat, breathe, and sleep music!  





Here's some recent stuff:

Here's some older stuff, goin' waaaaay back!

Here's some even older stuff:


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